HTF food Vendor - Application Process

NOTE: Due to the outstanding number of vendor applications we receive each year, we strongly recommend submitting applications as soon as possible.

Event Information

For over 30 years, the Boulder Creek Festival (BCF) has been the quintessential Boulder tradition, and in a community with so much to offer, the Festival continues to be the favorite event. Each Memorial Day weekend, the BCF attracts an anticipated 450,000 people for three days of festivities, activities, and entertainment celebrating our unique community.


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Applicant Name
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Company Mailing Address
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Cell Phone
Cell phone number for on-site contact.
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Fax Number
Vendor Area and Type *
Dimensions in feet of your booth area, truck, or trailer. Note, tent set ups can have up to 10' x 20' space. Additional space can be requested for an extra fee.
If you chose 13th Street Food Court:
If you chose 13th Street Food Court, do you prefer a Beer Garden spot or Street Spot?
If you chose Concessions Trailer/Truck:
Service side:
Will you be receiving any deliveries during BCF? If so, what time of day and how often?
Please include all menu items you are requesting to sell at BCF with their prices. No beverages allowed unless approved by BCE before the event. To request beverage service, contact BCE directly.
Do you need electricity in your booth space? *
Do you need electricity overnight? *
Are you bringing your own generator? *
*Only quiet generators are allowed and must be placed at least 10 feet away from booth and fuel.
Are you planning to cook with charcoal at the event? *
How much electricity will you need? *
Each additional 110V circuit = $75
Each additional 220V circuit = $150
Please list equipment with the associated volts and amps.