2019 RMBF Food Vendor Information & Application


Day 1 : Community Park • Louisville

Saturday, June 22; 1pm - 6pm

955 Bella Vista Drive, Louisville, CO 80027

We’re heading back to where it all began, a block from the heart of Historic Downtown Louisville.


Day 2 : The 21st Annual Boulder Creek Hometown Festival • Boulder

Monday, September 2; 1pm - 6pm

13th Street, Between Canyon & Arapahoe in Boulder

Breweries will set up on 13th Street and close out the Boulder Creek Hometown Festival. This event features arts & crafts exhibitors in Central Park, live performances at the Bandshell, the StarLite Classic Car & Motorcycle Show, a food court & beer garden, and much more!


Participation Requirements

Fees: $300 PER EVENT (includes electricity)

Refundable Cleaning Deposit = $100 PER EVENT (please send a separate check for each date you sign up for with a self-addressed stamped envelope; will not be deposited unless deemed necessary at the end of the event)

Booth Spaces & Setup: Each vendor will set up within a 10’ x 20’ space. Vendors must provide their own tables, chairs, and canopies/tents.

Health Department: You must submit the online Boulder County Public Health (BCPH) Food Vendor Verification Form to BCPH and provide a copy of application to the BCE office along with your food vendor application. All food vendors need to have a current food service license issued to you from the State of Colorado. Please include a copy of your license with your application. If you do not have an in-state license, you may obtain one from BCPH. If you have any questions about the regulations, or if you need to obtain a license, call BCPH at 303.441.1564.

Fire Department: There is to be no cooking under any tent or canopy, and all cooking and heating equipment must be at least 10’ away from any combustible materials. All food vendors need to supply their own dry-chemical-type portable fire extinguisher, having a rating no less than 40-B. Portable LP-gas containers, piping, hoses, valves and fittings shall be protected to prevent tampering or damage. Compressed gas tanks must be secured in an upright manner, away from tents and canopies and are not to be secured to tent poles or trees. Because of limited space, refueling trucks will not be permitted on event grounds. At the Boulder date, the Boulder Fire Department (BFD) will also be making inspections before the start of the event.

If you have a Mobile Food Unit (Boulder date only), you will need to schedule an inspection prior to the event. If you have any questions please contact Matt Zavala with BFD at 303.441.4401.

Sales Tax: If you do not have a sales tax license for the City of Louisville or Boulder, you must apply for one per event location to participate in the event.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Sales Tax & Licensing Division: Louisville: 303.335.4514; Boulder: 303.441.3050.

If you do not have a sales tax license for the State of Colorado, you will need to obtain one.

Insurance: All food vendors must submit a certificate of insurance naming Boulder Creek Events and the City of (fill in the city you are choosing) as additionally insured. Please include your certificate of insurance with your application! In order for your application to be considered, it MUST be accompanied by a copy of your insurance.

Two sections need to be modified on your insurance certificate. *If you are attending more than one, you will need a separate copy for each location*

  1. Under the section “Description of Operations” please include the following wording that corresponds to the location you are choosing:

    For Louisville: Boulder Creek Events and the City of Louisville are additionally insured with respect to General Liability.

    For Boulder: Boulder Creek Events and the City of Boulder are additionally insured with respect to General Liability.

  2. Under the section “Certificate Holder” please include the following address that corresponds with the event location you are attending:

    For Louisville: City of Louisville, 749 Main Street, Louisville, CO 80027

    For Boulder: City of Boulder, 3198 North Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304

For food vendors operating out of a mobile food unit:

If you plan on bringing a truck/trailer to the Louisville event, you will need to obtain a mobile food unit license through the City of Louisville.

If you plan on bringing a truck/trailer to the Boulder event, you will need to obtain a mobile food unit license through the City of Boulder. Please contact Kristin Teague at 303.441.3034 for additional information.

Responsibilities of BCE

  • Logistical support, ticketing services, ID checks

  • Refrigeration truck and/or ice for each brewery

  • RMBF Sampler Cups

  • Trash, recycling, and Zero Waste roll-offs, rinse stations, and gray water barrels

  • Marketing of the festival